Headteachers and Designated Safeguard Leads (DSLs) Mrs N. McGrath and Mrs S. Cole
Deputy Head of School Mrs H. Fawcus
SENDCo Miss L. Halliford
Caretaker Mr P. Anderson
Admin Team Mrs C. Wilson, Mrs H Birks, Ms M Richardson, Mrs V. Walker.
Kitchen Manager Mrs V. Bolton
Learner Welfare Mrs R. Wright

Teaching staff

2-year Old Provision J. Richardson (EYFS Centre Leader), K. Robson, D. Taylor, C. Gillie, D. Young.
Nursery Staff N. McKenna, F. Smith.
Reception Staff M. Diffley, K. White, A. Graham, A. McKinnon.
Year 1 J. Lawrence, F. Collier.
Year 2 C. Cooper (Numeracy Lead), J. Taylor.
Year 3 Z. Wass, L. Stewart (Literacy Lead).
Year 4 L. O’Connor, F. Hetherington.
Year 5 G. Graham, A. Lynskey, F. Quinn.
Year 6 A. Stott, M. Dinsley.
Speech and Language (SALT) G. Beeson, T. Hedley.

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

K. Riches
A. Stewart
L. Dingwall

Teaching Assistants

N. Murray
T. Thompson
A. Cosway
G. Connell
L. Wakenshaw
T. Groves
S. Boulton (IT Support)
N. Stanton
L. Kirkup
E. Boothby
H. Forster
J. Groves
K. Bowden