NCEA Grace Darling Primary School will make every effort to stay open in the event of severe weather. However, in extreme cases the school may have to close due to severe weather or due to any other emergency.

Information about any closures will be available from the following places:

  • Tapestry (for Early Years)
  • Grace Darling Primary School’s Twitter page
  • Our school website
  • The NCEA Trust website –
  • Northumberland County Council website
  • Radio Newcastle – 95.4fm
  • Notices will also be placed on the school gates

Grace Darling Primary will also send a text to all parents/carers who have registered a mobile phone number as a contact number with school. If you have not provided a mobile contact number we would strongly advise you to do so.

We will endeavour to inform parents and carers of any closures as early as possible and for a morning closure by 8.00am at the latest.