A MASSIVE WELL DONE to the community of Grace Darling for helping raise over Ā£3000 for charity.

Last month, pupils at Grace Darling took part in a barmy fun run for the launch of Shaun the Sheep on the Tyne Learning Programme and to support and raise money for St Oswalds Hospice.

Not only the children but the teachers also took part, dressing up as sheep dogs and waiting for the children to pick up hose pipes and water buckets and soak them. Everyone had so much fun! The wonderful kitchen staff wore sheep masks and made shaun the sheep themed treats for all the children to enjoy.

Grace Darling aimed at raising Ā£400 from this event for St Oswald’s Hospice but in fact raised a whopping Ā£3,000! Well done all for your fantastic achievement. If you want to read more, take a look at the full article here – https://www.shaunonthetyne.co.uk/sunshine-smiles-and-whole-lot-of-sheep/